1987 Pixcom is born, originally under the name Pixart.
1988 January 6, 1988 marked the first broadcast on Radio-Québec airwaves of TABLE RASE, an international public affairs show.
1989 Pixcom wins its first two Gémeaux awards for its LUMIÈRES series.
1989 Pixcom covers the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix for France's TF1 network for the first time.
1990 Pixcom produces the first Canada-USSR television co-production, the documentary entitled USSR: THE STATE OF A NATION’S SOUL / URSS: ÉTAT D’ÂMES – it would also be the last with the USSR, which no longer exists as such.
1994  Pixcom is mandated by TF1 to be its primary supplier of technical services for the World Cup of Soccer hosted in Dallas, Texas.
Pixcom covers the Atlanta Olympic Games for the following European networks: TF1, France 2, France 3 and Eurosport
For the Nagano Winter Olympics, Pixcom carried out the technical operations for live or time-shift broadcasting on France’s TF1, France 2 and France 3 networks as well as on Eurosport.
Pixcom delivers no fewer than 500 half-hours of original programming to major national broadcasters..
The INSECTIA series is aired in over 160 countries and wins prestigious international awards.
Moreover, Pixcom wins five awards at the annual Gémeaux Awards Gala and wins its first Gemini Award.
Pixcom produces more than 1,000 half-hours of programming.
Pixcom is mandated by France Télévision and Eurosport to provide television coverage of the first Olympic Games of the millennium in Sydney, Australia.
Pixcom produces INSECTIA II, one of the first major Canadian documentary series shot in High Definition. (HDTV).
Pixcom supplies 11 Canadian networks with original productions.
Pixcom covers the World Cup Athletics, the Indianapolis Grand Prix, and the Salt Lake City Olympic Games.
 Pixcom is once again mandated by France Télévision to provide television coverage of the second Athens Olympic Games.
Pixcom produces more than 18 television series with the major national broadcasters, including its first big budget drama series, AU NOM DE LA LOI, shot in HDTV for Société Radio-Canada Télévision.
Commissioning of two television studios at 405 Ogilvy in Montréal.
Theatrical release of Pixcom’s first feature length film. With LA LIGNE BRISÉE, Louis Choquette directs the first Quebec boxing film.
In the fall 2008, Pixcom produces the largest number of series  since its inception.
Pixcom  acquires one of the most advanced high definition mobile production trucks in Quebec. This high-end facility, the TVHD-DUO, can produce programs using 12 cameras simultaneously.
Pixcom develops three series for international distribution and produces a host of new national series.
THE TELEPHONE, a project being developed by Pixcom, wins first prize in the Pitch Pilot category at the Rose d’Or competition in Lucerne, Switzerland.
The story of heroic Air Transat Captain Robert Piché, ENTRE CIEL ET TERRE, will be made into a feature film by Pixcom.
The television series Aveux, earned six Gémeaux Awards, as well as the Jean-Besré Award for the show’s originality, innovation and excellence.
Pixcom wins the Jutra-Golden ticket for the Quebec production with the highest earnings at the box office, for PICHÉ : ENTRE CIEL ET TERRE(Piché: The Landing of a Man).
Pixcom saw a record year, winning 13 Gémeaux awards and a Youth Media Alliance Excellence award. It also continues its momentum in international markets with the release of three major series: License to Drill, Dangerous Flights and Bomb Hunters.
Pixcom celebrates its 25th anniversary.
Pixcom moves to its new office space on 444 St-Paul Street East.
Appointment of Nicola Merola as President of Pixcom Productions Inc.
Pixcom wins the Excellence Award at Youth Media Alliance for the Argonautes.
Pixcom climbs to new heights by producing seven simultaneous Anglophone series for various Canadian and US broadcasters.
Appointment of Charles Lafortune, a well-known Quebec actor and host, as Vice President, French Development and Executive Producer.
Pixcom launches Code Max: an interactive game show for youth, immersing children in a virtual world.