Code Max : Site web

To fully enjoy the Code Max experience, kids are invited to install the series’ app on their tablet or smartphone. Children have the additional option to play three games on the Code Max website: Hide And Seek, Make It Snappy!, The Dance of Danger and Run for your Life!. The website is also a key tool to learn more about the show, its participants, the Host (Daniel Coutu) and of course, Max!

Website for kids, ages 6 to 11
ICI Radio-Canada
With the financial contribution of the Québec Fund, Bell Fund and the Canada Media Fund.
2015 - 2016


Executive producers Jacquelin Bouchard
Sylvie Desrochers
Charles Lafortune
Nicola Merola
Producer and Digital Media Director Nadine Dufour
Web Project Managers Olivier Benoit
Stéphanie Gagnon
Hakima Hmamou
Art Director Stéphanie Gagnon
Host of the videos Étienne Poliquin

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