Karl & Max : site web

The digital part of Karl & Max includes a web site featuring unpublished content, including a flashback web series and 10 behind-the-scenes reports.

The summer of our 14 years: the beginning of adolescence, the first love, the first pimples, the first debauchery... For some, the memories of this transformation are still vibrant! Get back in 1984, when Karl and Max are 14 years old and definitely enter the world of adolescence

Number of episodes : 10
Length of episodes : 3 minutes
Broadcaster : två.ca


Executive Producers Jacquelin Bouchard
Sylvie Desrochers
Charles Lafortune
Nicola Merola
Producer Nadine Dufour
Writers Claude Landry
Maxime Landry
Director Sébastien Gagné