La brigadière

La brigadière is a webseries featuring short stories that bring to mind a tale, as a cartoon coming to life in the real world. It presents the daily life of a colourful character who sets the tone for anyone and everyone who happens to cross her path on any given day. She’s the president, the general and the absolute boss of her intersection. La brigadière are humorous little bubbles in which all those who have kids or rub shoulders with them (i.e. anyone with a heart beat), will recognize themselves with an accomplice smile or a liberating burst of laughter. A touching and unique web experience not to be missed!

Number of episodes: 24
Length of episodes : 4 minutes
With the financial contribution of IPF
2012 - 2013


Executive producers Jacquelin Bouchard
Sylvie Desrochers
Carole Dufour
Web Producer Nadine Dufour
Authors Marie-Ève Belleau Bérubé
Michel Brouillette
Barclay Fortin
Director Season 1 Stéphane Lapointe
Director Season 2 Stéphane Beaudoin
Lisette Latraverse Valérie Blais
Philippe Lemire-Leblanc Nathan Beaudoin
Chloé Lemire-Leblanc Alice Morel-Michaud
Clémentine Voyer de la Charentaise Maxence Landry
Ricardo Marinelli André Kasper-Kolstad
Charles Lafortune Charles Lafortune
Renaud Grondin Jérémy Tessier
Emma Dupont-Bisaillon Maya Pham
Éric Leblanc Jean Turcotte
Pierre-Alexandre Mathieu Handfield
Mr. Bigras Pierre Collin
Marie-Soleil Lachance Geneviève Côté
L’agent 450 Alexandre Goyette
Mrs. Bisaillon Danielle Lépine
Narrator Jean-François Aubé