À temps pour Noël

December 1st. Marie’s life has just been propelled into high gear. With just 24 days left till Christmas, everyone’s counting on her to make everything perfect or is that just in her head? Will she get everything done in time or will she crack under pressure? With enough spiked eggnog and a few tricks up her sleeve she should be ok.. At least that’s what we all hope! À temps pour Noël : An advent calendar not fattening!

Number of episodes : 24
Length of episodes : 4 minutes

Bell Media (canalvie.com)
Produced with the financial support of Independant Productions Fund (IPF)
2014 - 2015


Screenwriter Marie-Ève Belleau Bérubé
Executive Producers Jacquelin Bouchard
Sylvie Desrochers
Nicola Merola
Producer Nadine Dufour
Director Mélanie Charbonneau

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