Licence to Drill

It’s Spring Break-Up in the Alberta Oil Patch and the Kings of the Canadian North are on the move. Cody, Mike, Hutch and Kelly are going South – but they’re not partying in Daytona Beach or Cancun. They’ve landed a job in Louisiana – and our Alphas of the Arctic are about to find out that, down here, it’s a whole new ball game, y’all! It’s +40 vs. – 40 Celcius. Hurricanes vs. Blizzards. Sunstroke vs. Frostbite. And the culture clash doesn’t stop there! Cody, Mike, Hutch and Kelly are on a fish-out-of-water adventure of a lifetime – and a tight learning curve. But the lessons are being doled out by some of the best good ‘ol boy riggers in the South – and e ven just communicating is a problem! Licence to Drill Louisiana is a bone shaking, teeth rattling, mud splattered, oil drenched escapade into some of Louisiana’s best oil backcountry. And to survive it, they’ll have to find a good sensé of humour!

Number of episodes: 28
Length of episodes: 60 minutes
Broadcaster: Discovery Canada, Canal D
French version: Furieux Forages
2010 - 2014

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Gemini 2010 Best documentary series - Emmanuelle Wiecha, Nicola Merola, Jacquelin Bouchard
Gemini 2010 Best direction in a documentary series - Stavros Stavrides, John Westheuser, Leslie Lucas


Executive producers Jacquelin Bouchard
Sylvie Desrochers
Carole Dufour
Producer Nicola Merola
Content producer Emmanuelle Wiecha

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