Rogue Eart

ROGUE EARTH is a gut wrenching documentary series about catastrophic weather related events, and the brave victims and survivors of unimaginable terror who captured it all on their cameras and smartphones.

Home videos, still pictures, desperate voice mails, 911 calls, urgent texts, Tweets, and Facebook posts, combine with master interviews and expert testimonies to form a spell binding narrative about the people and communities whose lives have been upended by an increasingly hostile environment.

Some are trapped. Others attempt to flee. Still others do not expect to survive. But they all press ‘record’, and keep rolling as scenes of extraordinary natural violence unfold around them, and emotions escalate to a fever pitch. In-depth interviews flesh out the victim’s stories with a before, during, and after context - and often reveal startlingly honest, personal, and surprisingly diverse accounts of their experiences, and how their lives have been changed.

In each episode, when Mother Nature turns entire communities into vast crime scenes, scientists, like detectives, begin to look for answers – to try and identify human factors that may have contributed to a catastrophic tipping point that changed everything, or for missed signs and clues that may have signalled a super disaster was on its way….

…and perhaps, to better predict, and help the public prepare for, or to avoid, “the next time”.

Number of episodes : 2
Length of episodes : 60 minutes
Broadcaster : Discovery Canada


Executive Producers Nicola Merola
Charles Lafortune
Sylvie Desrochers
Jacquelin Bouchard
Series Producer Emmanuelle Wiecha
Production Manager Marie-Ève Gariépy
Director Joe Wiecha
Writers Joe Wiecha
Narrator Joe Wiecha