Thrift Hunters

Thrift Hunters is a hilarious, fast paced shopping extravaganza, following the adventures of thrifting gurus, Jason Smith and Bryan Goodman. Thrifting isnít just a hobby for Jason and Bryan, itís a modern day treasure hunt. And although these dudes are the everyday men, what they discover is nothing short of extraordinary! They might seem cheap, but with their sixth-sense for bargain hunting and being plugged into the world of online auctions, Jason and Bryan manage to turn second-hand goods into first-rate profit.

Number of episodes: 18
Length of episodes: 30 minutes
Broadcaster: Travel + Escape, SPIKE


Executive Producers Jacquelin Bouchard
Sylvie Desrochers
Carole Dufour
Producer Nicola Merola
Line Producer Cara Volchoff