Les Nerdz

Les Nerdz is an irreverent and entertaining magazine show about technology. The host François-Étienne Paré and reporters Pascal Forget and Mathieu Roy present games, software, and electronic devices. As well as explaining how everything works, the three buddies don’t hesitate to provide their own comments, reviews, and thoughts. The show is a solid reference for what is happening in technology today.

Number of episodes: 1000+
Length of episodes: 30 minutes
Broadcaster: ZTélé
2000 - 2014

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Ruban d'Or 2003 Magazine programming: specialty broadcaster - La revanche des NerdZ
Ruban d'Or 2002 Autopromotion : canadian tv program - La revanche des NerdZ


Executive producers Jacquelin Bouchard
Sylvie Desrochers
Carole Dufour
Philippe Lapointe
Producer Nicole Faucher
Line Producers Stéfany Brûlier
Stéphanie Guay
Suzane Landry
Host François-Étienne Paré
Chroniclers Mathieu Roy
Pascal Forget